Welcome to the Build to Update tutorials course.


Here you will learn how to create and maintain your site using the Build to Update tool. We have created a separate brief tutorial for each common task. You can find the list below and in the top-right corner drop-down box on every tutorial page.


It is not necessary to follow all the tutorials in the order shown, but it will help if you check at least the first 3 before to start working with the site. Each tutorial should take only a few minutes to complete.


Basic Course



Advanced Course

Site Design and Title Learn how to switch between designs or change site title
Search and Replace Learn how to use the search and replace tool
Spell-check How to track and fix spelling mistakes in your text
Creating Tables See how to add tables and manage the content inside
Links to Anchors Learn how to make links to an exact position on a page

Moving Content

Learn to cut/copy/paste and rearrange objects on the site
Manage Navigation Learn to add and remove links from the main site navigation
Manage Pages How to delete a page, and how to set a page for home
Posting News Tips for managing the news section of your site
Add Media Files How to embed MacromediaTM Flash, video and audio to your website
Advanced Site Properties How to add search keywords, site description, or set site-wide access restriction
Domain Name Setup See how to set up your site under your own domain name
Advanced Page Properties Learn to set short URLs and split a page in columns
Using the Image Editor Learn to crop, rotate, resize, and flip your images online
Site Statistics How to monitor your site visits, page hits and referrals
Hits Counter How to add a hits counter for tracking page and site hits
HTML Snippet Learn how to insert a piece of HTML code in the content area on any page
PayPal Integration How to integrate PayPalTMBuy Now buttons or Shopping cart within your site
Mailing List How to add mailing list subscription forms and manage your mailing lists
Blog and Forum Create a weblog journal or discussion forum in your website
Advanced Galleries Learn how to enable Photo Prints and manage advanced Gallery settings
Forms Learn how to add different types of web forms to your site
Business Designs How to work with Cocoa, FutureTech, Charcoal and Aurora business designs


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